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It's All About Food Podcast Transcription Project

One of our REAL programs is the radio show It’s All About Food on the Progressive Radio Network, with over 240 interviews of experts in the plant-based food movement.  These audio programs are available, for free, to listen to any time, via the internet, archived on the Responsible Eating And Living website.    This archive is the most comprehensive digital library collection of experts promoting healthy, plant foods anywhere. One objective of It’s All About Food is to promote the wonderful work by amazing people in the food movement. These interviews need to be shared in as many ways as possible because people get so much out of them. 

Please help support our It’s All About Food Podcast Transcription Project.

We have received numerous requests over the years for transcripts of the It’s All About Food programs.  There are many benefits to providing transcriptions:

·      Some people cannot access audio files on the internet.

·      Some do not have time to listen to hundreds of hours of audio programs.

·      Some may want to read about the program before they listen. 

·      For people where English is not their native language, they may have difficulty listening in English and can get more out of a written transcript.

We want to have all programs transcribed, those in the archives as well as future programs and add them to our digital library.  Once transcribed, they will be more accessible and easier to share.

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You can specify the number of installments, or you can leave the number of installments blank if you want to make an open-ended commitment. In either case, you can choose to cancel at any time.